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By: Author | November 21, 2017

by Debra Hewitt, author of The Celebration Journal

It happens every year, and yet we never seem to get better at managing it. I’m referring, of course, to the hectic holiday season. We are already super busy, feeling like there isn’t room for anything else in our schedules, and then the holidays hit. At a time when we want to really enjoy being with family, enjoying the sights, and just having fun, we also have to deal with this enormous new load of work. Shopping, baking, wrapping. Even the holiday parties which sound like so much fun when we’re invited begin to feel like another chore on our to-do list when they finally arrive. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Here are six quick tips for avoiding holiday overwhelm and focusing ...

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By: Author | May 08, 2017

by Debra Hewitt, author of The Celebration Journal

For some of you, goal-setting may be the most challenging part of your planning. You don't fall into that group of people who've already identified projects they need to accomplish in the coming quarter and can easily describe what they hope to achieve. This part of the system leaves you stymied. You stare at the blank space where you're supposed to record your goal and have no idea what to write. Nothing feels big enough to refer to as your goal. Or it feels too big and you hesitate to commit it to the page where it will live to mock you for your failure. You need to get over those feelings. By writing your goal every day you will be giving yourself permission to change your mind, to focus ...

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By: Author | January 26, 2017

by Rebecca Hewitt-Newson

I've been reflecting on what my hopes are for the new year. With a new baby, it's been hard to make goals like eat healthier, work out more, spend more time with friends. Here's what I've come up with.

My hope this year is to be okay with things as they are: ok with not getting enough sleep, ok with a messier house than I want, ok with not getting to run and workout as much as I want, ok with cooking whatever food I can get on the table for my family, ok when I make parenting mistakes 'cause I'm just too darn tired. 

I want to be content, instead of telling myself I should be able to do everything or, at least, as much as I am used to doing. No more guilting myself and "should"-ing myself. Gonna be free...

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By: Author | October 12, 2016

by Debra Hewitt

If you get discouraged while CHASING YOUR DREAM, remember to enjoy your small victories along the way. The journey may be long, but every step can be a celebration.

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By: Author | October 05, 2016

by Debra Hewitt, author of Chasing Your Dream

There are always plenty of voices around us and in our heads telling us why we can't do things, how bad the odds are, what obstacles we'll face. . . . I want to be a different kind of voice--one that empowers and inspires. 

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I worried that people might read my book, quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, and then sue me when things don't work out. Of course, the answer is no, I don't worry about lawsuits since I'm not really offering financial or career advice. My questions guide people to find their own answers not adopt mine. But I do recognize the possibility that some readers might make reckless decisions. And I still don't think I needed to attach...

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