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No Secrets in Creedence

Moira Dashwood was supposed to inherit her father's ranch. Instead, she finds herself working at a boarding house in Creedence, a town full of gossip, cowboys, and a mysterious doctor who can't stop staring at her.

Sarah Hall's Austen Goes West series reimagines Jane Austen's heroines living and bumping into one another in a single small town in 1880s Colorado, offering a fresh and delightful take on the classic stories.

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A Second Chance in Creedence

In the second installment of Austen Goes West where all the Austen characters inhabit the same small town in 1880s Colorado, Anne Middleton has lost everything and is forced to live as a guest of the Kings. Then, a surprise visitor from the past turns her world upside down.

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Chasing Your Dream: a guided journal

This 30-day guided journal by Debra Hewitt will help you discover what you really want from life. Maybe it's a new job. Maybe just time for something you loved as a child.

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The Celebration Journal

Whatever your circumstances, however far away your goal, there is always something in your life worth celebrating. This 90-day journal is designed to make sure it doesn't slip your notice. It offers daily reminders to record what you're grateful for and what you can celebrate. It's available in paperback or spiral binding.

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The Road to Success Day Planner

This 90-day planner has the same great content as The Celebration Journal in a more classic style. You will find ample space on these double-page spreads for habit-tracking, appointments, to-do lists and notes along with daily tips from the author. You can find it in paperback, hardback, or spiral binding.

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