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By: Author | October 12, 2016

by Debra Hewitt

If you get discouraged while CHASING YOUR DREAM, remember to enjoy your small victories along the way. The journey may be long, but every step can be a celebration.

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By: Author | October 05, 2016

by Debra Hewitt, author of Chasing Your Dream

There are always plenty of voices around us and in our heads telling us why we can't do things, how bad the odds are, what obstacles we'll face. . . . I want to be a different kind of voice--one that empowers and inspires. 

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I worried that people might read my book, quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, and then sue me when things don't work out. Of course, the answer is no, I don't worry about lawsuits since I'm not really offering financial or career advice. My questions guide people to find their own answers not adopt mine. But I do recognize the possibility that some readers might make reckless decisions. And I still don't think I needed to attach...

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