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By: Author | August 24, 2016

by Debra Hewitt, author of Chasing Your Dream

Am I reading too much? Is that a silly question? Can anyone read too much? We can watch too much television, play too many video games, eat too much, talk too much, exercise too much, but reading? That's a super good-for-you activity like learning. Who ever said, "You know, lately, I've been worrying that I'm learning too much?"

But I wonder. I'm constantly tempted by free books from my library or for my Kindle, and I seem to have adopted this attitude of mindless consumption. What's next? Must read.

For a couple of years I set pretty ambitious goals on Goodreads for the number of books I wanted to read, but one year I asked myself, "Am I reading too much . . . and writing too little...

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