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By: Author | January 26, 2017

by Rebecca Hewitt-Newson

I've been reflecting on what my hopes are for the new year. With a new baby, it's been hard to make goals like eat healthier, work out more, spend more time with friends. Here's what I've come up with.

My hope this year is to be okay with things as they are: ok with not getting enough sleep, ok with a messier house than I want, ok with not getting to run and workout as much as I want, ok with cooking whatever food I can get on the table for my family, ok when I make parenting mistakes 'cause I'm just too darn tired. 

I want to be content, instead of telling myself I should be able to do everything or, at least, as much as I am used to doing. No more guilting myself and "should"-ing myself. Gonna be free to live life as it is, take the grace and support of others, and give whatever love and energy I can muster to spread the light in my family, my church, and our world.

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