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Debra Hewitt

Debra Hewitt has reinvented herself many times while chasing her dreams, working as a librarian and professional book reviewer, directing two private preschools she helped start, writing scripts and fiction, and offering lessons in her own piano studio for twenty years. She credits the joy she found in these pursuits to always following her heart and hopes her journal, Chasing Your Dream, will inspire many others to do the same. She also recently created The Celebration Journal and The Road to Success Day Planner to help readers learn to celebrate the small wins that are part of every day. She and her husband live in Virginia where she currently is working on a novel and some children's stories.

What does she love most about writing?

"For me, it’s the feeling of connecting to something deep inside. I have a lot of fun writing scripts because mine are mostly humorous sketches. On the other hand I really struggle through multiple drafts when I’m planning a talk. I look just like the blocked writers in movies, throwing balls of paper across the room. But it doesn’t matter. Whatever I’m writing, I love the feeling of wrestling with ideas and finally discovering where the work is trying to take me." Debra

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